26 July 2006

Essential Aardvark

Welcome to Essential Aardvark. This is where the best of King Aardvark's writing is archived in an easy to find form.

What constitutes Essential? Whatever I feel exemplifies my best stuff. In many cases, these will be posts I've submitted to a blog carnival, like Carnival of the Godless, or the Tangled Bank. Other times, it a post about me that I want to share, or something that didn't fit into a theme of a blog carnival that I think is good anyway.

Essential Aardvark
Thou Shalt Not Golf (CotG #47)
Dawkins Would Be Pissed...Or Not
The Collateral Damage of Holy Wars (CotG #46)
Church Proud of Brainwashing 140 Children Aged 4-9 (CotG #46)
Memories of My Highschool Religion Classes (CotG #45)
Songs of Faith = Injustice Against Music

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At February 23, 2008 10:50 a.m., Blogger Mouth Breathing Old Codger said...

Perfect reading for the King Aardvark would be Sun-Dried Aardvark-Tongue Swizzle-Sticks.


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