17 July 2006

King Aardvark's Library

I read too much, I thought we should kill ourselves.
She doesn't read a thing; she believed me.
"Are you really the messiah?"
"Yes, I am.... Believe it."

- Highway Girl (Double Suicide version), The Tragically Hip.

King Aardvark is an avid reader, reading much, especially non-fiction. Reading is done anywhere: at home, on the job, on the beach, on "the throne" (read: the bathroom). Much reading gets accomplished sitting on the can. Don't call it gross; it's called multi-tasking.

So in order to give something back to the peasants from the multitude of works of literature I've read, I will start posting my reviews of books that I have in my library. Detailed reviews of each book will be linked from the table below once I post them. I mostly read non-fiction, especially science (mostly biology and cosmology) and history (mostly war, science, mediaeval, ancient, and classical civilization). Sometimes I read lighter works, or fiction, or something my wife wants me to read, such as self-help relationship books. All are fair game.

I will then review each work on a scale of 0 to 5 aardvarks, a subjective rating on how I liked each book. In addition, the top books, those receiving 4 or 5 aardvarks, receive the honour, by royal decree, of being named a "Crown Jewel of King Aardvark's Library". Those receiving 0 or 1 aardvarks receive the dubious distinction of “Ant” status; a book so bad that it deserves to be eaten and turned into a very small amount of poop out my regal backside.

Books Reviewed in Royal Library
Book TitleAuthorScore
The Case for a CreatorLee Strobel1/5
The Last Three MinutesPaul Davies5/5
The Ancestor's TaleRichard Dawkins5/5
Creation: Life and How to Make ItSteve Grand4/5
After ThoughtJames Bailey1/5
Destruction of the BismarckBercuson&Herwig3/5
Europe: A HistoryNorman Davies4/5
Fly: An Experimental LifeMartin Brookes4/5
Lost Civilizations of the Stone AgeRichard Rudgley3/5
The Dragons of EdenCarl Sagan3/5
The Demon-Haunted WorldCarl Sagan4/5
Eco HomoNoel T. Boaz3/5

(Note: books that score 0 or 1 aardvark are listed as “Ants” while books with a rating of 4 or 5 aardvarks are, by royal decree, listed as Crown Jewels of King Aardvark's Library).



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