06 September 2006

CotG #48

CotG #48 is up at Deep Thoughts. Being that I was way too busy these past couple of weeks, I sucked and didn't publish anything carnival worthy. I'm working on a few posts but haven't been able to finish them to my liking. Hopefully, I'll complete those and be set to send submissions for the foreseeable future. No guarantees though; it's not that designing bridges is hard work, it's that all my spare time on the job (lunch, etc.) is taken up reading CotG, Tangled Bank, Skeptic's Circle, and various ScienceBlogs. I hardly have time to write.

Anyway, I'm working on something for the Skeptic's Circle on a new altie cure-all: Noni Juice. I also wanted to write something sciencey for Tangled Bank. These are not going quickly. One thing I've noticed: Science is hard. It takes so long to do things like background reading, checking sources, etc. It's much easier to rant about the head-in-ass fundies, so that's why all my postings so far have been with CotG in mind. It's so much easier, and, for those who don't know me, I am one lazy bastard.

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