08 August 2006

Carl Zimmer's Gone PZ!

I wrote a week back or so about my brother and his recent entry into the world of science blogs, particularly about reading Carl Zimmer's Loom, PZ Myers's Pharyngula, Tara Smith's Aetiology, and other science-based blog items listen on my blogroll.

I also talked about my brother's intense hatred of fundies in particular and religious people in general, and in order to curb violent feelings on his part, I would try to keep him to pure science stuff and away from anti-creationism stuff by encouraging him to read the Loom but not Pharyngula.

Turns out that's not good enough.

Carl Zimmer has just posted a little rant about his brush with Institute for Creation Research AM radio bullshit. For those unaware, ICR is a YEC organization that lies about science with every sentence they speak.

I suppose it was only a matter of time before Carl attacked creationists head-on. Science education is such an important institution in the world, and its sad state in the US in particular requires every possible scientific voice to speak out for it. Carl Zimmer is a great writer and I'm glad he's actively weighing in.

So maybe it's time for my brother to get involved; I should tell him to read PZ, Debunking Christianity, Daylight Athiesm, and Carnival of the Godless. He might get very fed up and stop reading anymore of it, but hopefully he won't get too angry.

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