15 September 2006

New Carnival

There's a new blog carnival in town, called Philosophia Naturalis hosted at Science and Reason, focused on physics and technology. Crap, now I'm going to have more reading to do. I can barely keep up with Tangled Bank, Skeptics Circle, and CotG, and I generally don't get around to Mendel's Garden or Carnival of the Liberals much at all. Now this. Oh well, I guess I'm not going to get much work done on my own posts, or (sigh) my real work at my job. Some buildings are gonna be falling down.

Anyway, the first edition of Philosophia Naturalis is here, and it seems to focus a lot on cosmology (cool stuff, though I would have failed my 1st year astrophysics course if it wasn't an open-book final, with exam questions identical to homework problems). It's intimidatingly big. Fortunately, it's only a monthly, not biweekly like the other carnivals.

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