10 March 2009

Obama Reopens Embryonic Stem Cell Funding

Maybe it can cure the brain-wasting diseases of those opposed to embryonic stem cell research.
Good for Obama for bringing the US back to the 21st century with this one.
There is still a lot of messed up thinking about the issue of embryonic stem cell research. I was reading the comments on a yahoo news article and there was some crazy there. About 75% was pro-embryonic stem cell research, 15% opposed, and 10% waffling. One waffling response got me annoyed. The basic gist was telling people to "just admit that these are complex issues and there are good reasons for being on one side or the other. It is not just bible-thumping vs. bible-bashing."
I beg to differ. What, pray tell, are the good reasons for being against embryonic stem cells? Huh?
There are no good non uber-conservative theotard reasons for being fundamentally against embryonic stem cell research in the form being debated right now in the US. On balance: Clumps of cells with nothing resembling sentient thought + just going to be thrown in the biohazard waste bin anyway vs. very promising research into curing all manners of diseases and crippling injuries. Tell me again the non-dipshit reasons for being against this research?
I hate to be dismissive about this yahoo commentor. He probably doesn't even know he's being a dipshit. He's probably thinking that he's going to be the prudent ideological moderate, building bridges and fostering consensus, etc. He is not, and he is wrong.
This commentor has likely bought into the idea that virtue always chooses the mean (it does not - just sometimes, and not this time), that religion gains automatic respect, that language is more important than content, and other seemingly wise and tolerant anti-intellectual horseturd.

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