14 August 2006

Hosting is Hard Work

Take great care and know what you are getting into when you host a party for a lot of people.

This past Sunday, my wife, my dad, and I hosted a bbq for my wife's entire family. About 30 people showed up. We had burgers, chicken teriyaki, souvlaki, shrimp skewers, and bbq pork tenderloin, plus veggies, watermelon, fruit salad, and drinks. I was cutting/preparing meat for about 3 hours Saturday night, plus preparing other foods all Sunday morning. My dad spent several hours Saturday and Sunday cleaning his house and pool. My wife cut all the watermelon and onions and stuff while doing a great job with washing dishes. We also cleaned up ant infestations in my dad's place, since he has problems with that. I was exhausted. My wife hardly got any time to talk to her family at all.

Anyway, I can certainly see why people of more lavish financial means prefer to get their parties catered. This is far too much work. Remind me not to do this again for a while.



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