08 August 2007

Music Project

In my youth, I used to be quite musically skilled. I played piano to a Royal Conservatory grade 8 level and scored extremely well (very high 90s) on the music theory exams. Alas, in the many, many years since, my skills have dimminished and my knowledge of theory has evaporated - I couldn't construct a chord to save my life, I find myself confused by any time signature that isn't 4/4 or 3/4, and I couldn't tell you what those funny knobby and dotty signs above, below, or next to the music notes mean. What was once crystal clear is now utter gibberish; I might as well sneeze on a sheet of blank staff paper for all the good it would do me (Hey! I remembered that it was called staff paper! Yay! - note, this is not sarcasm, I really am pleasantly surprised that its name just came to me as I was writing this)

Keeping this in mind, I need to reacquire these music composition skills because I have an idea for a wondrous musical project: One day, I'd like to compose and produce an epic orchestral piece the likes of which the world has never seen. What would make it so special? An orchestra consisting of nothing but bagpipes, accordions, kazoos, tamborines, didjeridoos, Sousaphones, tympani, and a triangle - that's what. It would be awesome, nay, glorious.

Or horrible. Either way, it should be done.



At August 11, 2007 4:39 p.m., Blogger Fiery said...

wow...good luck with that!

I'd ask you to post the mp3 of that. Something tells me that if you succeed in composing that piece and get it recorded, the world will be brought to its knees in horror or astonishment. Either way.


I can't imagine having forgotten how to read music. How sad, and yet my lip has forgotten much of its strength when it comes to my flute. The muscles have diminished over the years. :-/

A musician needs a reason to play though, a musician requires an audience. I hope you find one!


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