07 July 2008

Back in Church - I forgot how weird it was

Okay, so I haven't posted in over a month. It's been stupid busy in my life this whole time what with moving into a new house, being swamped at work, and generally feeling lazy because the last three months have been insanely hectic (the last week or so of that "lazy" refers specifically to following the NHL free agency period).

My last post was about me trying to make a positive lifestyle choice and walking the ~35 minutes to work for the first time. I have chosen today to post because today I walked to work for the second time. That's right: too damned tired every single damn day since June 4 to walk again, and I finally forced myself to do it today.

I'm so proud.

There is one big plus side to being so busy that I don't have the energy to post: we don't have time for church anymore. In fact, the last time my wife dragged me off to church was Easter*. As with not walking, that streak came to an end as well.

You know, after not going to church for almost three months, you forget how weird it is:

-People standing and singing with their eyes closed and their hands raised up in the air.
-People leading prayers that sound like "Jesus, we pray to you Lord Jesus for mercy, even though we do not deserve it, Jesus, and we pray, Jesus, that you will guide the hearts of our missionaries going to Estonia, where they will be spreading your holy word, Jesus, and keep them safe, Jesus. In Jesus precious name, Amen."
-And speaking of that, Estonia? Estonia is Christian already.
-All that fire and brimstone preaching, including convoluted confused theology due to the whole switch-over from OT to NT, and "works" vs. "faith - it's a really messy religion.

At least it's not Catholic; our guy spouting the fire and brimstone doesn't have to wear a goofy costume.

*If you don't count all the historical East Orthodox churches we visited in Greece.

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At July 08, 2008 4:11 p.m., Blogger Metro said...

One of my favourite moments from the Air Farce Book circa 1981 or so was the passage from the "Farceburg Gazette" reading:

"Pope John Paul today confirmed his stance against the ordination of women, saying that feminity has no place in the Church.

The Pope made this statement while wearing a flowing white gown with matching hat and accessories."

At July 09, 2008 9:19 a.m., Blogger King Aardvark said...

Awesome line from Air Farce.

At July 10, 2008 12:50 a.m., Blogger Carlo said...

I don't know man, the Catholic church has always had this austere air about it that makes me feel that, were I to lose my mind, I'd sign up for that brand of crazy. There's something about a guy so committed to his blind faith that he'll go celibate for life that either screams 1) respectable commitment or 2) time bomb.


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