04 October 2006

Me and My Brother are Nerds

Today I received a cry for help from my brother - a simple, one line email:

"I'm out of books."

I replied: "That's a cry for help. I'll bring you Ancestor's Tale this weekend. That should keep you golden for about a month. I might bring you two books, just to be safe, because after that I'm not coming home again until birthday. Then you get another 2 books."

Yes, we are both nerds. And my dad's a nerd. When any special occasions come along, we just exchange nerd books. We have an extensive library of nerd books.

Speaking of that, I'm pissed off. I bought The Ancestor's Tale paperback (the nice british version) at Chapters at full price, ~$23 CDN a few months ago. I went back there last weekend and found a whole slew of the softcover version of the hardcover (full glossy pages, lots of extra colour illustrations) in the bargain area for $10! Ten freakin dollars! Pissing me off. Anyway, I bought a copy just for the pictures, and I'm going to give that to my brother when I go home for Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend. Of course, after he's done reading it, I'm taking it back. If he wants his own copy, I'll give him the paperback version.

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