10 April 2007

Announcing the Humanist Symposium

Ebonmuse over at Daylight Atheism has just announced the formation of a new blog carnival called the Humanist Symposium:
Like the CotG, this carnival will showcase some of the best non-religious writing out there. However, this one will have a slightly different emphasis. Rather than general posts on atheism and religion, the purpose of the Humanist Symposium will be specifically to defend and uphold atheism as a positive worldview of morality, reason and purpose, a desirable and attractive alternative to belief systems based on religion.
Sounds like a great idea to me. I know that most of my godless writing boils down to "religious people are stupid and pissing me off" and that many (most?) of us atheist bloggers are the same way, so this could be just the thing that kicks us in the seat of the pants and makes us start to think more positively and creatively.

So spread the good news! A new carnival is in town.

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