17 August 2007

Free Weekend

Only 15 minutes to go before I can get out of the office. This weekend is special because it's the first one since May where I don't have to go someplace long distance and sleep on a sorry excuse for a bed that isn't my own and isn't full of allergens. Thank (nonexistant) God. Now if only my wife won't drag me to church on Sunday...

Other than that, I watched The Simpsons Movie the other day. Not too shabby. Not as good as the earlier episodes but still satisfying. My problem is I've got the choral/orchestral version of the Spider-Pig song from the end credits burned into my brain right now and I can't get it out.

I hope your weekend is Spider-Pig free.

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At August 17, 2007 9:42 p.m., Anonymous Evil Bender said...

It's totally been stuck in my head since I saw the movie, too. Also, that song was better than anything in Spiderman 3.


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