11 January 2009

Back from Christmas Vacation + Popeidolia

Hi All,

I'm back from my Christmas vacation and ready to continue my series on the Alpha Course. Of course, I actually only took one week off, but recovering from that week has taken a further two weeks. You know how it is; visiting family - several families, actually - day in, day out is more exhausting than work.

Anyway, as an after Christmas present, here is a picture of a large bird of paradise plant we got for my mom. We wrapped it up in a protective bag that we hurredly tried to decorate in a half-assed manner in order to prevent my mom from seeing it before we opened the presents. To no one's surprise, she was not fooled. However, as we were sitting and having dinner, she exclaimed that we had a holy presence in the room:

We had the freakin' foliage pope with us, giving a sermon to the corner.

Or not.

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At January 12, 2009 3:30 p.m., Anonymous Karen said...

How fun! A pope-of-paradise.

Glad you're back. Missed your posts. Hope the driving gets better. Here in lowland California we're experiencing competing bands of high pressure that are producing spring weather conditions: dry, clear sky, breezy, and highs in the mid-70's.

I'm going to enjoy it, but it isn't what we need; we need rain, and highland snow, and lots of it, NOT backyard barbecue weather.


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