04 June 2008

Positive Lifestyle Change

Today for the first time I walked to work from my new house.


I may have to start waking up earlier to get there on time. Or buy a bike.

Positive lifestyle change is hard1.

Back to the house:

We moved in on Friday. The lawyer said we'd get the keys around 1pm. Of course, that means we didn't get the keys until 4pm. Lousy lawyers2.

What followed was close to a dozen trips in our car and my dad's van to the new house, broken up by a nice big greasy Swiss Chalet dinner (conveniently located right around the corner from our new house). We didn't end up getting to bed until 2:30am because we couldn't stop until we found our toothbrushes/clothes for the next day. Since everything was packed away in boxed stashed in the garage, this took quite a while.

We never did find our shower curtain. The next morning was quite soggy in the bathroom.

Since then, we've spent most of our days (and nights) cleaning the new house to get rid of 'the old people germs', as my wife calls them. 2:30am seems to be our new bed time since we can't justify going to bed while the house is still so dirty and disorganized. On the plus side, all the late night cleaning meant that we slept through church on Sunday. We made the house clean enough that by Monday night we didn't have to stay up to 2:30am cleaning, but then the stupid hockey game went to triple overtime, resulting in another 2:30am night.

It's been a weird experience. Hard to believe that we've got a house. Back when we lived in the apartment we didn't like to refer to it as 'home' because it was just a crappy apartment. But it felt a bit like home; it was comfortable and familiar. The new house doesn't feel like home at all. It feels weird and alien - almost like we're house-sitting for someone and we're going to be kicked out soon.

Some realizations:

-When the hell did we accumulate so much crap?
-How the hell did we fit so much crap into our old little apartment?
-My god, my wife has way too many clothes. About 6 huge garbage bags full, plus many still on hangers, plus a bunch of shoes and hats.
-We actually didn't move that far. We can still hear the train but it least it isn't in our backyard anymore.

1 I actually walked to work once from the old apartment when my wife took the car someplace. Fifty-seven minutes that time, but I managed to scam a ride home.

2 Please don't sue me.