25 April 2008

Mmmm, souvlaki

After three weeks of living hell while my supervisor was away ("I'm going to New Zealand for 3 weeks; have these two bridges and this bridge rehab database completed by the time I get back. By the way, I haven't left you any of the background info that will allow you to do these things and all the other people working on these projects, regardless of whether they work for our company or for the owners, take forever to get anything done.") things are finally winding down. My supervisor is back, so all the crap I tried (unsuccessfully) to finish while he was away now gets dumped on him.

I can guarantee that it will still be waiting for me when I get back from my vacation to Greece in two weeks.

No that I no longer care about work (I'm just waiting out the clock now), and I finished taking care of all the mortgage/lawyer stuff for our new house, and the trip planning has been finished, I can finally start to look forward to Greece. I'm a history nerd, so this is going to be really cool. I may have to drag my bored wife around several museums and ruins, but I'll be happy.

We'll be taking a bus tour from Athens to Meteora, Delphi, Olympia, Napflion, Corinth, Mycenae, and finally back to Athens. After that, we get a more leisurely 2 days in Mykonos, 3 days in Santorini, and 3 days in Crete. We'll be taking lots of pictures, eating lots of gyros, and probably spending way too much money for people who have just bought a house.

Fortunately, my company just gave its staff a $1000 bonus. Yay! Let me open this here cheque and - hey! damn government took $418 out of my bonus.

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24 April 2008

Apparently I think you all suck

You Are 80% Misanthropic

Here's the truth: Most people suck. You are just lucky enough to know it.

You're not ready to go live alone in a cave - but you're getting there.


16 April 2008

Whole lot of nothing

Well, no updates for a while here. Many reasons for that:

a) Super busy - As many of you can surmise, I mainly blog at work when I'm procrastinating (I know, probably going to be fired); however, my supervisor left for a 3 week vacation to New Zealand and dumped a metric assload of work on my desk that all needed to be done a month ago.

b) Real life getting in the way (non-work) - I've been running around like a miniature daschund that's just stepped in an ant hill full of angry red ants (there's a reason the red ones were the badguys in SimAnt). There are two main things taking up all my time right now: 1) bought a house, so I have to do all sorts of paperwork for mortgage, lawyer, house inspection, and other assorted crap, and 2) going on vacation to Greece for a couple of weeks, so I have to organize all of that. FYI - #2 will result in a further blog haitus until mid May. I also realize it was unwise of me to schedule a vacation for NHL playoff time.

c) Surprisingly little to write about recently.

Apologies for wasting your precious time.


04 April 2008

It would be better

Last night my wife said an interesting thing about religion, the likes of which I'd never heard from her before.

We were discussing the Iraq situation and I talked about the division between Sunni and Shia Muslims that is helping to fuel so much civil warfare there. An hour or so later, she displayed an impressive train of thought for someone who usually has religious blinders on, actually connecting criticism of another religion to her own religion and appreciating the meaningful parallels.

Out of the blue, and with a touch of disappointment in her voice, she said, "It would be better if God would just come down and explain exactly what was going on and exactly what he wanted."

Indeed it would.

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01 April 2008

Hmm, I should really swear more...

That red zone on the meter sure is tantilizing...

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