21 August 2008

Blessed ... TO DEATH!

From yahoo!, a 25 year old Bangladesh man has been killed and eaten by a crocodile. That's a horrible thing, made worse for the fact that his mother was there.

The fun part? The man was visiting a Muslim shrine where the crocodile and four of its brethren reside and was attempting to receive the croc's blessing.

You get that? Visiting crocs for a blessing? Just what do you think a blessing from a crocodile looks like? Just a nibble?

The shrine itself is fairly popular, with hundreds of pilgrims visiting each day to sacrifice goats and chickens to the crocs living in the pond. According to the article, part of the ritual involves bathing in the water with the crocs. Let's sum up: pond o' water, 5 crocodiles, bloody chicken and goat parts, bathing. Sounds like a smart idea to me. It's a miracle that people aren't eaten more frequently.

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